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Prior to the conception, recording and realization of The Hollow Tree album, if someone had asked me what other musicians would be on my wish list of voices, textures, colours and inspired musical inventiveness?

I would have answered with the 5 gifted and talented guest artists that have graced this new album. 

Michelle Campagne has been a part of many of my previous album projects and her beautifully phrased and textured vocals have brought out the very best in each performance. 

Geoffrey Kelly and I have had a long musical history together. From before day 1 of Spirit of the West, his lyrical wind playing and creative composition was an integral part of our collaborations. 

François Houle has always been one of my favourite wind/horn players. 

His grasp and scope, and dynamic interpretations are haunting and inviting. 

Andy Hillhouse brings a supportive and deft hand to an evolving guitar tradition. He is an innovator and an extension of creative voicings.  

Mark Francis has taken his remarkably skilled hand and visually interpreted the narrative of this album. 

The Pacific Black Bear seeks out a hollow tree instead of a cave to hibernate through the coldest, longest days of winter. 

The Hollow Tree has been an icon in Stanley Park for over 100 years. 

It has seen  loggers surrounding it but leaving it standing to house each era of development and each evolution of the city that has grown around it. 

From circus animals to 57’ Thunderbirds, from the call of its wild inhabitants to the “Be Ins” of psychedelic 60’s, The Hollow Tree has stood through time, reinforced now by steel and cement, much like the city itself, a reflection of life in the Pacific North West. 

Join us as Early Spirit steps into The Hollow Tree and brings its songs to life.  

Help us out and Pre order now. 


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