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The road through July into August's Dog days

It felt so good to look out into real live people’s eyes, to see smiles not hidden, to have folks up and dancing. There’s was a collective rust shed from Festival gathering. A joyous relief, and a recognition that we won’t take that experience for granted again.

16 months of dust blown out the open door and back onto the long and dusty we are.

A big shout out to Trigger and Steve at The Off The Rail Brewery, for hosting our street “Pop up” show in Vancouver the day before the official opening at The Harrison Festival of the Arts! 

Thanks to Andy and crew and all of you who made it out to the Festival. A beautiful day, it was in a lovely setting. 

Can’t wait to do it all again this weekend on The Sunshine Coast, July 25 afternoon in Sechelt at The Summer Concert Series, 

and that evening in Gibsons. So hoist up the main sails and set the charts to the coast.

Stay well, happy and healthy and mind the smoke. Cheers

For info and tickets to Gibsons Saturday eve show go to 



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