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The Last Family

J. Knutson Discography

The Lightning Chain
The Lightning Chain
  1. Always Somewhere Else
  2. Questions* (S.Stills)
  3. Behind The Walls
  4. The Comeback Trail
  5. The Space Between Us
  6. Out In The Cold
  7. I Shall Be Released* (B. Dylan)
  8. The Lightning Chain
  9. Marie Is There
  10. Rain, No Rain
  11. Step Into The Fire
  12. Soul Cleanse Aberdeen
  13. The Confluence

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The Lightning Chain
The Lightning Chain

Peter Lepine - harmonica #6, bass #9, bg vocals #6,9
Neal Homulos - drums, percussion #2,3,4,6,9,11
Peter Ohrnberger - keyboards
Dan Fung - keyboards
Leanne Graber - bg vocals #9

J. - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, percussion and vocals

*This album is meant to run congruently, and flow as one conceptual story. The Intros and songs are indexed for identification and individual access purposes. It runs a little over 38 minutes, and is fun to listen to on headphones, so please sit back, relax and ride The Lightning Chain.

All songs ©2023 Canoesongs

Thank you to the wonderful musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, I missed you all during the Covid lockdown, but did get a few songs out of it.
Thanks to Anna Kraus for helping to co-ordinate this project, and making so that I could get it out to you.

The Lightning Chain
Enter the Woods
  1. Bright Star of Belle Isle
  2. The Man With The Star
  3. Sunny Day Freedom Smile / 90 Degrees In The Shade
  4. Ring Some Changes
  5. Creating Consent
  6. John Goodman
  7. From Glace Bay  
  8. Calling Me
  9. Lost On The 401

Click here to listen and download to the CD

The Lightning Chain
Enter the Woods
This album was recorded “live off the floor” in March 2023 at The IsoNest, North Vancouver.
It includes a few wee tics, pops and hisses that a “live” recording can reveal. I didn’t want to compromise the feel to edit out any small glitch.
It’s just a few microphones, a voice and an acoustic guitar,
The way these tunes were conceived.
I’ve played many of these songs over the years in various bands with different arrangements and recordings, but this is back to the Woods!

Cover photo taken by: Steve Kazemir
*Bright Star Of Belle Isle is a traditional Irish/Canadian lyric, I wrote the music.
*Ring Some Changes was written by Richard Thompson
I wrote the rest. Hope you enjoy them.
Cheers, J.

The Last Family
  1. A Port of Hope.
  2. 90 Degrees in the Shade.
  3. These Walls have Eyes
  4. The Blue Angels
  5. The Bright Star of Belle Isle
  6. I Guess You Had To Be There
  7. Good Soldiers
  8. The Eleventh Hour
  9. Living For Another Night
  10. Faithfully
  11. Shake Up On The Rock
  12. Drown In Peace.

First album, recorded in Winnipeg and Montreal, 1993
with guests Connie Kaldor, Hart Rouge,
Bright Star of Belle Isle

90 Degrees In The Shade
produced by Don Benedictson and J. Knutson

Through These Windows
  1. Dead Man's Flats.
  2. The Hills of Adelaide.
  3. Inside
  4. Hush Nayeima
  5. Summers End
  6. I'm Watching
  7. Calling Me
  8. Creating Consent
  9. Chain Link Fence
  10. How Could Bernie Louie Know?
  11. Life From This Window
  12. Lost on The 401
  13. From Glace Bay
  14. Still Crawlin'
  15. Irreversible Trend.
Second album, this one recorded at Baker Street Sound, Vancouver, 1998
with Peter Lepine, Neal Homulos, Moritz Behm and guests

Calling Me

Chain Link Fence

produced by Paul Baker and J. Knutson


  1. Insignia.
  2. The Art Pope and The Metro Gnome
  3. More Than I Can Say
  4. The Traveler
  5. Lightning Chain
  6. No Lullabies
  7. Coastal and Toil
  8. Human Remains
  9. Sun/Burn/Shine
  10. Alone
  11. The Comeback Trail
  12. Return To The Falls
  13. Last Exit

Third album with guests including members of The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, 2001
Last Exit

The Art Pope & The Metro Gnome
produced by Rob Clements and J. Knutson

7 Seasons
  1. 7 Seasons Suite
    1. printemps
    2. linear deception
    3. mid summer
    4. tofino
    5. a wedding
    6. dusk
    7. après sky. produced and performed by J. Knutson
  2. Of The Sunrise produced by Ian Widgery and J. Knutson, with Josee Lajoie - vocals

Fourth album written recorded performed and produced by J., 2004
Of The Sunrise

Sugar Suite
  1. The Mists Of Crofton
  2. 90 Degrees In The Shade
  3. The Famine
  4. The Man With The Star From The Texaco
  5. These Walls Have Eyes
  6. Aberdeen
  7. Time To Get A Gun
  8. John Goodman
  9. From Glace Bay
  10. Without A Trace
  11. Big Time
  12. Human Remains
  13. The Crawl.

Fifth Album, a solo "live" recording at The Sugar Suite, 2006

recorded by Mike Rogerson,  produced by J. Knutson

Ravens Reach
  1. 25,000 Days
  2. The Lake
  3. Ravens Reach
  4. Splitting The Stone
  5. Winter Roses
  6. Shylo
  7. Less Than Strangers
  8. Screen Door
  9. Camelia
  10. Alien Shore

Sixth album, written, recorded and performed by J., with guests
25,000 Days

produced by J. Knutson, 2112

  1. Reclamation, a renewed perspective
Seventh album, a Soundscape from the multi media installation, 2113

produced by J. Knutson and Sean Wharton

The Rite of Balance
  1. Hidden In Plain View. 
  2. Your World
  3. a) Soledad  b) Half Asleep  c) Staircase
  4. Drawn The Fool
  5. The Second Hand
  6. Satan's Limousine
  7. Natural Light

Eighth album, recorded in Vancouver with guests
Natural Light

Drawn The Fool
produced by Rob Clements and J. Knutson

1857 (un amour, une histoire) - a song commemorating the founding of Ottawa as our nation’s capital, featuring Josee Lajoie on vocals

1857 (un amour, une histoire)
In a Child's World
In A Child's World

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