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J. Knutson Discography

The Lightning ChainThe Lightning Chain
  1. Always Somewhere Else
  2. Questions* (S.Stills)
  3. Behind The Walls
  4. The Comeback Trail
  5. The Space Between Us
  6. Out In The Cold
  7. I Shall Be Released* (B. Dylan)
  8. The Lightning Chain
  9. Marie Is There
  10. Rain, No Rain
  11. Step Into The Fire
  12. Soul Cleanse Aberdeen
  13. The Confluence
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The Lightning ChainThe Lightning Chain Guests:

Peter Lepine - harmonica #6, bass #9, bg vocals #6,9
Neal Homulos - drums, percussion #2,3,4,6,9,11
Peter Ohrnberger - keyboards
Dan Fung - keyboards
Leanne Graber - bg vocals #9

J. - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, percussion and vocals

*This album is meant to run congruently, and flow as one conceptual story. The Intros and songs are indexed for identification and individual access purposes. It runs a little over 38 minutes, and is fun to listen to on headphones, so please sit back, relax and ride The Lightning Chain.

All songs ©2023 Canoesongs

Thank you to the wonderful musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, I missed you all during the Covid lockdown, but did get a few songs out of it.
Thanks to Anna Kraus for helping to co-ordinate this project, and making it so that I could get it out to you.

The Lightning ChainEnter the Woods
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  1. Bright Star of Belle Isle
  2. The Man With The Star
  3. Sunny Day Freedom Smile / 90 Degrees In The Shade
  4. Ring Some Changes
  5. Creating Consent

  1. John Goodman
  2. From Glace Bay
  3. Calling Me
  4. Lost On The 401
  5. Oh Rhealle

The Lightning ChainEnter the Woods This album was recorded “live off the floor” in March 2023 at The IsoNest, North Vancouver.
It includes a few wee tics, pops and hisses that a “live” recording can reveal. I didn’t want to compromise the feel to edit out any small glitch.
It’s just a few microphones, a voice and an acoustic guitar,
The way these tunes were conceived.
I’ve played many of these songs over the years in various bands with different arrangements and recordings, but this is back to the Woods!

Cover photo taken by: Steve Kazemir
*Bright Star Of Belle Isle is a traditional Irish/Canadian lyric, I wrote the music.
*Ring Some Changes was written by Richard Thompson
I wrote the rest. Hope you enjoy them.
Cheers, J.

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