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Yes rambling soon, including tour diaries, Ice Cube Chronicles, and occasionally something relevant to the real world.

CanoeSong Updates

Feb 1 2023
The Swamp Devils at Vancouver's Historic Princeton
Jay Knutson

Fall under the spell of “the valley voodoo”.

The Swamp Devils return to The Princeton, So get ready for some foot tappin’ zydeco rock n blues gumbo. 

The Swamp Devils L.P.’s

-“2 Beer Buzz”, 

-“Stainless Steelhead”

-and soon….”Fifth Wheel Birdhouse”

May 13 2022
Arts In The Garden
Jay Knutson

It may still feel like February, but this end of May, the 28 and 29th to be precise, I'll be doing a couple of special shows as part of the North Van Arts 29th Annual "Arts In the Garden" series. It's always been a favourite of mine. A lovely time to match the beauty of a spring garden with visual arts and music.
This year I'm playing in North Vancouver at Garden number 6, the home of John Whyte, at 751 Donegal Place. 12:30-2:30pm
Finger crossed for sun!
Hope to see you in the Garden.
For more info on the event go to northvanarts.ca        Cheers and happy gardening.

Nov 9 2021
Be Our Guests
Jay Knutson

Prior to the conception, recording and realization of The Hollow Tree album, if someone had asked me what other musicians would be on my wish list of voices, textures, colours and inspired musical inventiveness?

I would have answered with the 5 gifted and talented guest artists that have graced this new album. 

Michelle Campagne has been a part of many of my previous album projects and her beautifully phrased and textured vocals have brought out the very best in each performance. 

Geoffrey Kelly and I have had a long musical history together. From before day 1 of Spirit of the West, his lyrical wind playing and creative composition was an integral part of our collaborations. 

François Houle has always been one of my favourite wind/horn players. 

His grasp and scope, and dynamic interpretations are haunting and inviting. 

Andy Hillhouse brings a supportive and deft hand to an evolving guitar tradition. He is an innovator and an extension of creative voicings.  

Mark Francis has taken his remarkably skilled hand and visually interpreted the narrative of this album. 

The Pacific Black Bear seeks out a hollow tree instead of a cave to hibernate through the coldest, longest days of winter. 

The Hollow Tree has been an icon in Stanley Park for over 100 years. 

It has seen  loggers surrounding it but leaving it standing to house each era of development and each evolution of the city that has grown around it. 

From circus animals to 57’ Thunderbirds, from the call of its wild inhabitants to the “Be Ins” of psychedelic 60’s, The Hollow Tree has stood through time, reinforced now by steel and cement, much like the city itself, a reflection of life in the Pacific North West. 

Join us as Early Spirit steps into The Hollow Tree and brings its songs to life.  

Help us out and Pre order now. 


Nov 3 2021
Hey Spirits in the night. (and in the morning)
Jay Knutson

Hope you jack o’ lanterns are  not too “ lit.”

It is Halloween weekend, and  we’re handing out treats here at Canoesongs central, especially for those IsoNest followers! 

This week the big reveal.

Here’s a link to Early Spirit ‘s new video “We’ve Seen This Film Before”, it’s the latest release from our upcoming album “The Hollow Tree”. 

We’re more than half way through recording, and I can honestly say I am really stoked about getting it done and getting new music out to you all. 

As you know this kind of project can be a costly endeavour, and as you also know, (if you know me,) I don’t solicit funding, subscriptions or contributions on this page or any other of my pages. 

I post because I love the music and the realization of the process. 

I would however, at this time, ask of you a favour.

 You can greatly assist us in this process  by pre-ordering our new CD via Kickstarter! 

It would be of immense help and we’ll guarantee that you get the new album, first thing, right out of the gate. 

The link to Kickstarter is below and the options there are well explained. 

That all said, as always I appreciate you tuning in each week, it’s truly my pleasure to stay in touch with you all. 

Please share the Kickstarter link and the video with as many friends, family and folks as you can ,

I really appreciate your support. 

With your help The Hollow Tree will see the light of day and come life. 

Can’t wait to share this next musical journey with you. 

And, Thank you, for following, being here, reading and listening. 


What Picasso didn’t say - *shipping, handling and taxes not included,  ☺️

** except with the Kickstarter pre-orders, it’s “all in”! 

Have a great week, Cheers. J 🤗

Music Video Link: 


Kickstarter Link:


Nov 3 2021
We've seen this film before
Sample Admin


Early Spirit's latest music video release, off their upcoming album  'The Hollow Tree'. Let your voices be heard. Sing, dance and play from the heart. 

Preorder now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/earlyspirit/hollow-tree-by-early-spirit

Early Spirit is Jay Knutson, Gabriel Dubreuil, Ben Kelly and Aidan Goheen

Sep 17 2021
The Hollow Tree... soon
Jay Knutson

So we’ve been writing, and playing when and where we could this past summer, and, assembled a group of new tunes that we’re really excited about getting out to you. 

The multi dimensional concept of the Hollow Tree has created a thread of continuity and laid the foundation for the theme of our new record. 

The songs reflect a period of change, of growth, a reflection of our past and a realization of the times in which we now live. 

We’ll be in touch very soon, with both a new video, and a way for you to get involved inside “The Hollow Tree”

Stay tuned. ❤️ Cheers, Early Spirit

Jul 28 2021
C'mon, Cheat The Tide
Jay Knutson

What a lovely west coast way to ease through the door of “live” shows again. 
Thank you coasters for coming out and renewing acquaintances.
Both Gibsons and Sechelt were stellar shows.
Our new home away from home.
New shows coming up in Chilliwack, The TractorGrease Cafe and North Shore. Watch this space.

Jul 21 2021
Open up and say AH, that's more like it!
Jay Knutson

It felt so good to look out into real live people’s eyes, to see smiles not hidden, to have folks up and dancing. There’s was a collective rust shed from Festival gathering. A joyous relief, and a recognition that we won’t take that experience for granted again.

16 months of dust blown out the open door and back onto the long and dusty we are.

A big shout out to Trigger and Steve at The Off The Rail Brewery, for hosting our street “Pop up” show in Vancouver the day before the official opening at The Harrison Festival of the Arts! Thanks to Andy and crew and all of you who made it out to the Festival. A beautiful day it was in a lovely setting. 

Can’t wait to do it all again this weekend on The Sunshine Coast, July25 afternoon in Sechelt at The Summer Concert Series, and that evening in Gibsons.So hoist up the main sails and set the charts to the coast.

Stay well, happy and healthy and mind the smoke. Cheers

For info and tickets to Gibsons Saturday eve show go to 



Jul 6 2021
July 06, 21
Jay Knutson

What a week since the last post.
We've hit the ground running. Our little B.C. village of Lytton has burnt to the ground, our hearts are with the residents.
It's going to be another summer of unprecedented circumstances.
Hold our collective heads high and move forward, better days are indeed on the horizon.
So nice to be back with you in the Canoe.
So first question often asked is why CanoeSongs?
Clearly I'm not a big small boat sailing enthusiast. And I don't believe I have ever written a tune about a canoe.
The reason is this;
My last name is of Norwegian decent, I am 1/2 Norse and 1/2 English, Irish. But the name that remained on surface was Knutson.
It is pronounced (hard "K") Kah-noot-son. Like son of Knut, the Norse king of legend and myth. (And yes, I can command the seas to recede when necessary..)
That said I lived for about 10 years in Quebec where my name was unpronounceable. I got a heating bill once addressed to me Kent J Newsome.
So when introductions on stage would leave the poor MC gobsmacked, I used to explain, "Listen just think of the little boat 'The canoe', then add on "the sun"), and that's as close to it as I could hope for. It worked most of the time. and CanoeSon songs was born.
All very clever except no-one remembers or correlates the title to me.
So it's become an umbrella for projects, videos, recordings and long winded narratives.
Also under this umbrella, is The Swamp Devils and The Last Family, and probably a few more to come down the line including a link to my good friend "NetDud" and his on line adventures of "EvilDud", a graphic novel. https://evildud.com , please do check it out.
One last note for today, and that's the "Listen" button is for now, videos, and "Discography" contains songs from most all of my albums.
I'll get the various tour diaries up soon, including "The Ice Cube Chronicles" Season 1 and 2.
Hope it all works for you, and in this particular case feel free to tip the canoe, Or at least say hello now and again. Welcome aboard.

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