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This is Andy and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I've just released my first CD entitled "Slow Burn Avenue".

This website is to give you a chance to get to know me, give my tunes a listen, and hopefully generate enough interest on your part that you would want to add my disc to your collection or prompt you to come to one of my shows.

I've been active in writing music for the last 10 years although previous efforts have mostly involved writing songs for theatre and film. I've also worked in the Edmonton theatre/film scene as a sound designer, writer, actor and on occasion as a stage manager.


J. Knutson is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from Vancouver, Canada.
Here's what the press has to say:

"He puts the soul back into music, fun back into instruments and conviction back into lyrics"
-The Chronicle Herald (Halifax)

"A delicate balance between electric and acoustic songs,dark and catchy rhythms, soft and the ethereal"
-The Ottawa Citizen

"The sound is a unique blend of rock and roll energy, of folk lyrical conventions centered around various facets of Canadian life"
-Vancouver Province.

Draycott Swamp Devils new C.D. "2Beer Buzz" now available
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Niina Chebry's paintings arise from many sources. She is a traveler- collecting inspiration from Asia, Europe, Central and South America. She comes from rural Alberta and now lives on the West Coast of Canada.

Niina received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 1986 and began exhibiting her work internationally in 1991.

For ten years she worked both as an art instructor and painter, taking extended leaves to live abroad. After living in Hokkaido, Japan for two years, Niina returned to Canada where she paints full time in her Vancouver studio.

Semi-abstract in nature, her paintings are passionate and intense. They deal with the current and historic, the West and East. From the Myths of Greece to the Buddhist temples of Indonesia, Niina's work engages the viewer to create their own story.

Gallery 83 (Vancouver BC)
Iron Works Gallery (Vancouver,BC)
Annie Mourillon Gailerie (Strasbourg, France)
L'Estampe Gailerie (Strasbourg, France)
Oppertshauser Gallery (Stony Plain, Canada)
Latitude 53 Gallery (Edmonton, Canada)
Harcourt Gallery (Edmonton, Canada)
Edmonton Art Gallery (Edmonton, Canada)
Ortona Gallery (Edmonton, Canada)
Sassenach Cafe (Sapporo, Japan )
Las Chicas (Tokyo, Japan)
Obihiro International Center Gallery (Obihiro, Japan)
Gallery Caf? Bauhaus (Sapporo, Japan)
Canadian Embassy Gallery in Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
Ueno Royal Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan) Tokyo Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

Alberta Art Foundation 1996

"Eric Vu-An" 1993 (illustrations of a dancers's biography)

Japanese Biography

Too Many Cooks?

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Born in England, the artist's parents came from the darkness of war torn Europe. Nonetheless, they instilled a triumph of spirit through faith, music and art into the soul of their son, Mordechai Robert Edel. The artist received formal European training in art, opera, and liturgical music. His spiritual passion is to share life's blessings to help bring visions of joy to our world. His work can be found in exhibits and collections world-wide.

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