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Jay Knutson's Biography

The Ottawa Sun may have put it best: "J. Knutson is a sonic architect that designs bridges that close the gap between different styles and influences" For the past 25 years Jay has been attracting interest from both fans, and the music industry. As the Toronto Globe and Mail stated "..this is a blessing for those who like traditional sounds with a modern sensibility".

Jay was a founding member of the seminal folk band "Spirit of the West" and went on to work with such Canadian luminaries as Connie Kaldor, Josée LaJoie, Hart Rouge, and Daniel Lavoie. He has been involved in the recording of over 35 albums, has won West Coast Music awards and been part of 5 Juno award winning projects.

Knutson is now an instructor at Simon Fraser University, teaching a music/physics course entitled Logarithm and Blues with Dr. Mike Hayden. For the last 8 years he has been a musical/creative director for The North Shore Celtic Ensemble with Claude Giguere.

Knutson has also maintained a profile in the broadcast community. Since graduating from B.C.I.T. in Broadcast Journalism in 1981, he has worked as a producer for C.B.C. projects in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, and for 5 A.D. Radio in South Australia. He has worked as an announcer for Mountain F.M. , Squamish/Whistler and C-FUN in Vancouver, as well as production manager and newsperson for C.K.O.

Jay has also scored music for the National Film Board, Danish National T.V. and the C.B.C.

Knutson's live shows have always been his forté. As the Halifax Chronicle Herald enthused "He puts the soul back into music, fun back into instruments and conviction back into lyrics"

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