Satan’s Limousine (Knutson / 10)

Is there something in my mail today that won’t get me depressed?

Something that could get me out of bed and get me dressed

Or is it just the same old bills to add to my woe and ills

I feel like I’ve been waiting for that something to arrive.

A word or written manuscript, to keep my world alive

Cause I don’t think I’d bear to see, another day that lies empty

(I know that things will get better)

If there’s a means to the end let me take that road

A road where I’ve not been

 I’m beginning to feel like I’m behind the wheel, of Satan’s Limousine

Is there something in my life today to keep me occupied?

(Or is it just more wait and see, could I be satisfied ?)

As idle hands are the devil’s toy, idle minds, …destroy

In this world of despair could there be some hope

For those unaware could it be

That through our indecision we’re on a head on collision 

With something that we couldn’t see

If there’s a means to the end let me take that road

A cause to defend I’ve got strength

If there are fences to mend I’ve got two strong arms

A message to send I’ve got speed

If there are lives that depend on some kind of action,

The why do we falls to our knees

Is it the feelings we hide as we go for a ride,


In Satan’s Limousine